Forms By Sub-Sectioned Service Area

Forms By Department Sub-Sectioned Service Area

Abutters (Assessor's Office)

Article Submission Form (Town Administrator & Selectman's Office)

Board/Committee Information (Town Administrator & Selectman's Office)

Building (Building & Inspections)

Census (Town Clerk)

Charitable Property (Assessor's Office)

Class I & Class II (used cars) License (Town Administrator & Selectman's Office)

COLA (Retirement Office)

Delta Dental (Benefits Department)

Direct Deposit (Benefits Department)

Dog Control Law (Article 15A) (Animal Control)

Dog/Kennel Licenses (Animal Control)

Elections (Town Clerk)

Electrical (Building & Inspections)

Employee Forms (Benefits Department)

Environmental (Health Department)

ESS Portal (Retirement Office)

Exemptions (Assessor's Office)

Forms & Apps (Planning & Engineering)

Fuel Storage/Chapter 148 License (Town Administrator & Selectman's Office)

Gas (Building & Inspections)

Group Health Insurance Plan (Benefits Department)

Information and Events (Senior Center)

Licenses (All types of Liquor) (Town Administrator & Selectman's Office)

Licenses/Registrations (Town Clerk)

Motor Vehicle (Assessor's Office)

Other Permits & License Information (Town Administrator & Selectman's Office)

Permits & Licenses (Sewer Department)

Personal Property (Assessor's Office)

Plumbing (Building & Inspections)

Public Health (Health Department)

Real Estate (Assessor's Office)

Regulations (Building & Inspections)

Request for Tax Information (Tax Collector)

Retirement Direct Deposit (Retirement Office)

Rubbish(Trash)/Recycling (Health Department)

Sheet Metal (Building & Inspections)

Snow Totals (Highway Department)

Stormwater Management (Planning & Engineering)

Subdivision Regulations (Planning & Engineering)

Town Meeting (Town Clerk)

Vital Records (Town Clerk)

Zoning By-laws (Planning & Engineering)