Group Benefits

The Treasurer’s office coordinates benefits for Town EMPLOYEES and all RETIREES.  Each employee eligible for insurance coverage must either:
(a) specify to the Treasurer the particular plan desired and the identity of the employee’s dependents by completing an enrollment form or
(b) decline insurance coverage.

Group Health Insurance

Municipalities which accept the provisions of MGL c32B (adopted by Article 7 on April 2, 1956) may provide their employees with a group life and health insurance plans.  The amount withheld from an employee’s compensation for participation in such a plan will depend on the plan’s cost and the percentage of that cost which the municipality bargains to contribute.
Employee Health Plan Offerings
The Town pays 70% of health insurance cost for an HMO plan and 50% of health insurance cost for a PPO plan.


The Town’s health insurance coverage includes a fitness reimbursement program.  Reimbursement is up to $150 per calendar year (e.g., January–December) in total for health club membership dues for subscriber and/or their dependents.