Capital Improvement Committee


Loriann Braza

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Meeting Schedule: 2nd Wednesday of the month
Meeting Time: 7:00pm
Location: Room 14
Address: Town Hall, 52 Main Street, Milford

The Capital Improvement Committee [CIC] is a standing advisory committee, tasked with assisting Town Meeting in regard to the priorities of certain capital expenditures.  It replaced the Town’s former Capital Planning Committee, and its charter was originally adopted by Town Meeting on June 19, 1995 under Article 18 of the Town's General By-Laws.

The CIC is required to review the capital plans for all departments, boards, commissions, and committees in town.  Per Town By-Law, all Department Heads and Chairpersons are required to submit to this committee -- not later than the end of February of each year -- capital plans and a Capital Improvement Worksheet for each capital project to be presented to Town Meeting within that calendar year.

As stated in the committee's governing by-law, no capital improvement shall be voted upon at any Town Meeting until it has been presented in written form to this committee for recommendation.  It is the committee's charter to make recommendations to the Town's Finance Committee and to assist the Town Meeting Members with regard to the priorities of capital expenditures.

In accordance with the existing Town By-Law and related State Law, the committee is responsible for reviewing Town requests in the following four areas:

  1. any acquisition, disposition, lease, or transfer of land or personal property;
  2. any acquisition, disposition, lease, or transfer of motor vehicles;
  3. any acquisition or lease of any single item of equipment with a total cost of $20,000 or more and a substantial useful life as determined by the committee;
  4. any construction, reconstruction, replacement, extension, or other improvement of public buildings, highways, sidewalks, storm drains, sewerage installations, playgrounds, parks, or substantially similar public works, or for a facility, structure, or a utility appurtenant to any of the same, with a total cost of $20,000 or more.

Every project submitted to the committee is entered into a capital planning spreadsheet, and meetings are scheduled with the sponsor to discuss the merits of the proposed project, as needed.

After reviewing those merits (along with any supplemental material), the committee makes its recommendation and then assigns a CIC Project Rating, based on the perceived priority for the Town.  Using a basic 3-point system, the CIC Project Rating ranges from 1 (Critical) to 3 (Not urgent).  Regardless of the value assigned, this rating has no bearing on the committee’s approval status, in that a project Recommended favorably on its merits remains approved.  However, any capital expenditure deemed deserving of indefinite funding delays would simply be Not recommended by this committee.

Finally, capital projects requiring Town Meeting action are ranked by applying the recommendations in the Department of Revenue's CIP manual (i.e., "Developing a Capital Improvements Program; A Manual for Massachusetts Communities").  The evaluation criteria in Exhibit IV, Form E of that manual includes the following six (6) categories:  a department priority classification (e.g., Mandatory or Maintenance), the sponsor’s project priority, the expected useful lifespan, the overall effect on costs (i.e., operating & maintenance), the impact on Town revenues, and the availability of State/Federal grants (or other non-Town funds).  Any tie-breakers are based on the consistency with the most current edition of the Town's Comprehensive Plan and then -- if necessary -- on the CIC Project Ratings.

Considerations for CIC Approval Status and Project Priorities

Year-End Reports:
[See relevant pages in the Town’s Annual Reports, available on the Town’s home page or at the Town Library.]

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