Board of Assessors

Board Members

Joseph F. Arcudi
Position: Assessor
Position Type: Elected
Term: 3 Years
Expires: April 30, 2019

Vacant Vacant
Position: Assessor
Position Type: Elected
Term: 3 Years
Expires: April 30, 2018

Joseph F. Niro
Position: Chairman
Position Type: Elected
Term: 3 Years
Expires: April 30, 2017


Jennifer Sclar
Assessor Administrator
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Meeting Schedule: Monthly Meetings as Posted
Meeting Time: as posted
Location: Room 14
Address: Town Hall, 52 Main Street, Milford

The Board of Assessors is committed to maintaining an assessment system that can develop fair and equitable values for all classes of property. The Assessors are required by Massachusetts law to list and value all real and personal property within the town, thus insuring that owners of such property all pay their fair and equitable share of the tax burden based upon the values.

Every three years, the assessors must re-value all real and personal property and submit these values to the Department of Revenue for certification. Assessors must maintain all arms-length sales records for Interim Adjustments completed yearly to maintain current market values and approved by the Department Revenue. From those sales reviews, new rates are then established for land and all types of buildings. The new rates are applied to properties across the community.

Assessors have the responsibility for motor vehicle excise tax bills, originated by the State Registry of Motor Vehicles, and boat excise tax, generated by the Environmental Law Enforcement. Assessors grant abatements and answer any question regarding excise tax bills.

The Assessors are not responsible for the mailing of tax bills or collection of taxes; they do, however, grant tax abatements for overvaluation, adverse topography, and wet areas as well as personal exemptions to qualifying taxpayers.